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Cellular industry wholesalers and retailers are uniquely in the mainstream of communications and Internet technology. The neighborhood is part of their lives too.

As important and useful as cell phones and smart phones are today, as an emergency device, they dial 911 or some other number or connect to a URL. The Neighborhood Watch Radio is the neighborhood Alert device for first responder help right in the neighborhood. It also is a neighborhood Chat radio device.

Many wireless industry cellular dealers and retailers are already marketing and selling GMRS and UHF two way radios and are knowledgeable about setting up for Neighborhood Watch Radio groups.



1 NEIGHBOR UP SEARCH. Is group setup? If not, create group.
2 ESTABLISH. Group coordinator(s), you, neighbors, relatives, friends, Hams, Cops.
3 RADIO UP. GMSR or UHF Radios for group members.
4 PROMOTE. Print, publicize, email your Nextdoor.com & Neighborhood Watch Radio materials.
5 DISPLAY NOTICE. Print & display Neighborhood Watch Radio & Nextdoor.com with Signage & Placards.



No radios or wireless products sold here. Neighborhood Watch Radio does not sell radios or wireless products.

Neighborhood Watch Radio is a not-for-profit organization (Non-profit). Community organizations, Home Owners Associations, Neighborhood Associations, Church Groups, Foundations, Cities and Social Organizations are prospective promoters and donors for worthy public good endeavors and projects.

We receive grants and donations and distribute funds for Neighborhood Watch Radio projects as requested by the donors. This is about,
"Developing neighborhood awareness and safety for the public good."

Wireless Industry Association does not sell product of any kind. There's nothing to buy here, no fees, no registration, we require no member information, no email address required other than an email and/or phone number for a Neighborhood Watch Radio group initiator or coordinator.  We only urge you to Neighbor Up, Radio Up for safety, cohesion and violent and property crime protection in the neighborhood.

Bob Hutchinson says, "With a bad economy, down-sliding local tax bases and budgets, I hope residents "neighbor-up" and immediately improve neighborhood communicating. We've got to start talking again. Isolation from neighbors defeats neighborhood cohesion and informal control and fuels escalation of property and violent crime."