Setup Your Watch Radio Kit
The Important

- Set to your Neighborhood Watch Radio to group Alert channel, press PTT Call or ring, state your Emergency. Repeat, repeat.

  • This instruction assumes that: Your radio(s) have been programmed for your Neighborhood Watch Radio group with the group Alert channel and a "chat" channel.
  • Install batteries, they are probably not fully charged. Place charger in a high traffic area, make sure the red lights come on, charge for twenty four hours
  • Watch Radios - Best Arrangment
    One radio set to
    Alert or Emergency channel with privacy code for the Neighborhood Watch Radio group, volume loud. Other radio set to channel of choice and available for "chat" channel.  Some users setup additional radio(s) to discrete channel and privacy code for discrete "chat" with specific neighbors.
  • If you have any questions or need help you can usually find it by contact with the coordinator or another group member.

Alert Channel:                        Privacy Code:   

Chat Channel:                        Privacy Code:

Midland Radios: Channels 7 through 14 are low power channels, 1/2 Watt
Other channels are higher power, 2 to 4 watts.