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Standard is set of two radios with double slot charger.


Print, Mail Postcards

Suggestion - Print some brochures, flip them and print the startup page on the back side.

  • Brochure To Print               Print as is or customize - Message & contact info for member, coordinator or area coordinator.
  • Startup Page To Print          Print as is or customize - Message & contact info for member, coordinator.

Email both pages-
Email the pages below. Send the pages or the links to the pages. Include your message and contact information for the Coordinator.

NOTICE: Send to yourself, save pages in a folder as templates. 


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Are homes and residents more than 1,000 yards away actually neighbors that you know? Or, perhaps  adjacent residents and prospective adjacent Neighborhood Watch Radio group.



1 NEIGHBOR UP SEARCH. Is group setup? If not, create group.
2 ESTABLISH. Group coordinator(s), you, neighbors, relatives, friends, Hams, Cops.
3 RADIO UP. GMSR or UHF Radios for group members.
4 PROMOTE. Print, publicize, email your Nextdoor.com & Neighborhood Watch Radio materials.
5 DISPLAY NOTICE. Print & display Neighborhood Watch Radio & Nextdoor.com with Signage & Placards.

In the customization fields at bottom you can enter:

  • A message up to three lines, "Contact XXXXX below, Neighbor Up now." or similar, watch group name, organization, your name, etc.
  • Next field enter contact name, select something from the drop-down box.
  • Enter contact phone and email.

Keep some with you or in the car with the Coordinator contact information to give to someone not in your Watch Group area. Work, social functions, relatives, etc. 

NOTICE: Depending on the browser, you may need to do something in File, Page Setup for proper printing on one page.

With Internet Explorer set margins, .5" at top and left and 0" at right and bottom will work OK.

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