Mission, Policy & Suggested Rules Mission

Implement a higher level of performance and safety in Neighborhood Watch programs everywhere through utilization of GMRS or UHF FM handheld two way radios with privacy tone codes for privacy in communications. These inexpensive devices can provide Neighborhood Watch emergency Alert channels and stimulate neighborhood communications, and networking via voice communications on Chat channels.

Neighborhood Watch Radio,  also presented to internet browsers as Neighbor-Up, Crime Watch Radio, and Nextdoor Watch Radio is a non-profit project from the Wireless Industry Association.

NEXTDOOR.COM, building private social neighborhood webs all over the country, is endorsed by the Wireless Industry Association, NeighborhoodWatchRadio,org  as the neighborhood social web for Neighborhood Watch Radio groups to be part of. We encourage startup and/or immediate coalition in the neighborhood. We are beginning to utilize our domain to support our dedication to It is

Neighborhood Watch Radio Policy & Suggested Rules

With Neighborhood Watch Radio efficiencies and speed of communications some policies and expectations are called for.

  • The Neighborhood Watch Radio "Alert" channel is utilized for emergency and "Alert" calls, temporary "FIND" calling, and testing only.  An "ALERT" call on this channel will open privacy coded squelch on radios programmed for this Neighborhood Watch Radio group channel so the message can be heard and Immediate communications can be established. Normally, no other voice communication should be heard on the Alert channel, especially during quiet hours. GMRS channels 8 through 14 should be avoided because GMRS radios restrict the channels to 1/2 watt power by FCC rules..
  • Civil language expected at all times. Also, others in the Neighborhood group, even those that don't normally talk on the group "Chat" channel(s), will be monitoring or "Lurking", which is encouraged. Listening, monitoring and "Lurking" is what creates and maintains neighborhood awareness, cohesion and superior crime control and safety. The more Lurkers we have the better the system works. Normally the neighborhood general "chat" channel should NOT utilize a privacy code. 

To maintain the privacy attributes of the program, programming and privacy codes are not to be released to anyone  outside of the Neighborhood Watch group.

Preprogrammed and un-programmed radios may be available from Watch Group  Coordinators or other group members or they can program your radios or show you how to program your own. Normally, it's channel selection and privacy code selection for transmit and receive. Over 150 codes are available

On occasion re-programming to select different parameters may be necessary. Brief announcement may be made on group channels, email, door hanger, phone, web networking or in person.