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Backup One
Back up a generation or so - before total air conditioning, home, office and cars. Before we came to believe total control of privacy in the home was a "right". Permissions must be granted, "who shall I say is calling?". "Do you have an appointment"?

I've noticed that , even if I have an appointment scheduled for a specific time for a home vendor or service,  "10:30 sharp please", I seem to always add, "call first".

Hollywood, TV, and the securities we see depicted in Government and the business World have helped lock in the changes and privacy control we have come to demand.

The big But, - - look at the success of Internet social web sites. Hmmmm. Do humans need a certain level of contact with other humans? Well, of course, and now the contact is under our control, privacy control, via computers, pads, smart phones with a major commonality - - Radio, everything is Wireless.
~ Bob Hutchinson

Bob Hutchinson says, "With a bad economy, down-sliding local tax bases and budgets I hope residents "neighbor-up" and immediately improve neighborhood communicating. We've got to start talking again. Isolation from neighbors defeats neighborhood cohesion and informal control and fuels escalation of property and violent crime."


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Neighborhood Watch Radio is offered as a public service from the Wireless Industry Association to help citizens and residents Neighbor-Up and refuse to be victims of property or violent crime.

The heart of Neighborhood Watch Radio is Neighboring-Up and establishing a Neighborhood Watch group program and the availability of  immediate group communications for informal neighborhood cohesion, control and protection. This proactive approach makes any gap between formal control, the Police, and informal control, the neighborhood, too small for criminal activity. 

The neighborhood social Internet site furnishes more communication in the neighborhood. The Wireless Industry Association urges Neighborhood Watch groups to participate in the Nextdoor.com web and Radio-Up for immediate Alert, emergency, and Chat communications.

If Nextdoor.com is not setup yet, create a group now. We recommend adding "Watch Radio" to a new group name. Maybe similar to:


Nextdoor.com will help you build out your private neighborhood social web by sending a set of postcard invitations at their expense. We have a similar function for sending the USPS 5 1/2" x 3 1/2 postage-on custom postcards here. See:> Promote Watch Group