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Group Member
  • Participates actively as a Neighborhood Watch group member. Perhaps functions to be neighborhood eyes and ears for neighborhood safety.
  • Utilizes and monitors Neighborhood Watch Radio Alert channel passively, perhaps only occasionally acknowledging communications radio checks.
  • Can be proactive, recruiting, teaching, training.


Group Coordinator
  • Volunteer that coordinates the watch group, adds residents to the watch group. Several may be needed.
  • Coordinates Watch Radio equipment procurement, orientation, programming, and training.
  • Conducts occasional Group communications radio checks, tests and surveys to determine level of neighborhood watch cohesion and effectiveness. 
  • Actively communicates with adjacent and/or other Neighborhood Watch Radio groups, coordinators at community, city, county, regional or broader areas. May be active Ham, proactive resident, Wireless professional, Police professional, etc.



Neighborhood Watch groups can and should participate in networking via social web sites for growing and expansion. We encourage groups, coordinators and prospective members to communicate interactively via Neighborhood Watch Radio and networking Internet sites.


Neighborhood Watch Radio has a database so Neighborhood Watch Radio groups can list their group with minimum information consisting of the groups ZIP + 4 ID and contact information so others can join or gain more information. The group listings will be available on the web by ZIP search.



1 NEIGHBOR UP SEARCH. Is group setup? If not, create group.
2 ESTABLISH. Group coordinator(s), you, neighbors, relatives, friends, Hams, Cops.
3 RADIO UP. GMSR or UHF Radios for group members.
4 PROMOTE. Print, publicize, email your Nextdoor.com & Neighborhood Watch Radio materials.
5 DISPLAY NOTICE. Print & display Neighborhood Watch Radio & Nextdoor.com with Signage & Placards.