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"I have been involved in supporting Amateur Radio for many years. I have made sure the Wireless Industry Association has been a supporter of Amateur Radio for many years. WIA is funding Neighborhood Watch Radio as a necessary free, not for profit, public good, and public safety endeavor."
~~ Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN.

Ham's live in neighborhoods too. WIA urges all Ham's to get involved in this program in some way. Direct involvement as Ham Radio club projects or Neighborhood Watch Radio group or neighborhood coordinators, group members, consultants or occasional helpers.

The Ham Radio organizations, individuals, clubs, repeater groups, trustees and control operators have the knowledge and expertise to spearhead and champion Neighborhood Watch Radio public safety projects.

Ham Radio is in high growth now with thousands of new Hams, young Hams involved. The recent technology of linking and socializing local repeaters Nationwide and Worldwide across the internet is an attraction driving people to become new licensees.


1 NEIGHBOR UP SEARCH. Is group setup? If not, create group.
2 ESTABLISH. Group coordinator(s), you, neighbors, relatives, friends, Hams, Cops.
3 RADIO UP. GMSR or UHF Radios for group members.
4 PROMOTE. Print, publicize, email your Nextdoor.com & Neighborhood Watch Radio materials.
5 DISPLAY NOTICE. Print & display Neighborhood Watch Radio & Nextdoor.com with Signage & Placards.



Radio-Up neighborhoods and stimulate interest in Ham Radio.

"Let's Grow Ham Radio"


You Are

Hereby requested to be involved in a rewarding educational experience with the Wireless Industry Association picking up the tab for initial study and training expense. We want you to become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, a HAM. Click Here to the HAM KIT page to have your Ham-Kit sent to you Free.

You can become a Ham, receive your credentials and call sign badge that can be your first step into and beyond developing technologies.


Wireless Industry Association does not sell product of any kind. There's nothing to buy here, no fees, registration required for group creators or coordinators for networking and notification.

We only urge you to Neighbor Up, Radio Up for safety, cohesion and violent and property crime protection in the neighborhood.

Bob Hutchinson says, "With a bad economy, down-sliding local tax bases and budgets, I hope residents "neighbor-up" and immediately improve neighborhood communicating. We've got to start talking again. Isolation from neighbors defeats neighborhood cohesion and informal control and fuels escalation of property and violent crime."