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Really Extend Range
Whole Subdivision + Legal Repeater Operation  Controllers

Small $$$   HOW?
One radio and a tiny $50 - $99 repeater module. Elevate the radio or the antenna or both. Radio and repeater perhaps up a couple of stories or more in a building or the antenna elevated, perhaps attic of a tall house

The little Argent ADS-SR1 repeater module allows three or four digit tone password control of functions with real duplex repeater features, voice messaging, Neighborhood Watch group info, purpose, contact, code ID, voice ID, all the legal stuff. See Repeater Controllers here.

CLICK>  Simple GMRS dipole antenna.

Radio for tone control must be UHF 3 - 5 watt type that are now same price as the better GMRS radios. They're available now for $24 - $35. Once set up on Watch group channel with elevation any GMRS radio can communicate with any Watch radio on the group channel.

If channel info is shared, maybe through Nextdoor.com, involved residents can monitor their Neighborhood Watch or Crime Watch

Radio activity.

Amazon for radios
Ebay for repeater / radios
Google for repeater / radios

The repeater records the channel voice audio and immediately transmits it back on the channel. No, not good for winded yammer about fishing or quilt pattern (politics) but, for purpose - - it's provides inexpensive, effective and quick wide area Neighborhood Watch  Radio communications. 

GMRS radio use in rural areas where homes are more than 500 to 1,000 yards apart, maybe many miles apart, requires an external antenna. Required elevation may be a magnetic mount on top of the refrigerator or a 5 foot tall gain antenna elevated up on ten or eighteen foot support to increase range radius to miles instead of yards. A radio with external antenna connection is needed here.

Legal Repeater Controllers

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~ Bob Hutchinson, N5CNN
Wireless Industry Association