Cell Phone Kill Switch??
They wouldn't, would they?

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Veteran Watch Radio Comment.

In the last few years, Worldwide, when dictators or Governments shut down cell phone systems to thwart decent or for control or political reasons to stop public communications, - - - -  disorder and disruption of local public and safety services and the private sector comes at a time when communications infrastructure is most needed.

Has addiction to cell phones become that of air, water and food? No, not really, but, read above again. Wide spread upheaval, natural, manmade. Internet, electric grid, or other failure, would shut down cellular systems and wreck everything, including minds, psychological infrastructure.  

Truth is, what Government or Government leaders would not want control?
Hmmmmm - - - - . Some recent related news below.


The licensing of new Amateur radio operators, Hams, is in high growth today. Hmmmm - - - -.  Wonder why?. Could be because Morse code requirement was dropped years back. Now only a technical test is required. Handheld radio equipment has never been less expensive.

GMRS radio equipment has never been less expensive. No license really required.
Should anyone be - - - - - ? Naaaaaa! - - -  Nothing to see here folks!  - - - - Move along. - - -