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 General Notes-      Houston Collection US


Photographs are museum or collection quality. Blued or polished surfaces may show applied protective coating or sheen. We utilize "Rusteprufe" or similar to protect firearms.



Many Houston Collection US items were obtained new or new old stock from manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and dealers. We designate these firearms -- "New or new old stock, unused, unfired".


No warranty or guaranty of any kind is suggested, implied, or given for accuracy, specific performance, or mechanical operation or defects for any Houston Collection firearm.


If A New Owner-
In the event a Houston Collection US item has a new owner, the "purchaser / owner agrees":
That before firing, each and every firearm is to be properly inspected by a qualified person or gunsmith to confirm proper and expected caliber and chamber for caliber, clear bore, perform bore sighting and confirm firearm is ready for normal operation. For operation:  barrel to be thoroughly cleaned, fasteners, muzzle devices, inspected and/or tightened, sight items, inspected and/or tightened, action parts lubricated for break in or normal operation.
See AR Notes.


Any purchaser or buyer of any Houston Collection US firearm is totally and singularly responsible for the qualified person or gunsmith safety inspection per the above "Purchaser Agrees" section.


If a Collection item is sold and shipped this policy will apply:>

Shipping Policy


We don't offer gunsmith or other services to modify, repair, add or separate items.


Sent inquirys to Lone Star Defense and Arms,713-465-1820. Ask for Amy or David. Website:

Houston Collection US


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