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  Cartridge - .30 U.S. M1 Carbine 

Over six million M1 Carbine rifles made in the USA during WWII. First few million did not have bayonet mount. Most of those armory refurbed later with bayonet lug barrel clamp.


Unlike all other WWII calibers established earlier in the century, the newly designed 30 Carbine cartridges utilized non-corrosive primers, did not require cleaning right after being fired. The lightweight Carbine became popular with all. However, it was not a combat effective battle rifle for ranges past 100 yards. Muzzle energy midway between the .357 and .44 Magnum cartridges, 967 ft·lbf.


Maybe one million left behind in Europe for establishing local police forces. Many have come back to U.S. marked as imports.


Post war, M1 Carbines, sold for about $20 to $40, were found in most domestic police cars until the AR-15 and Ruger Ranch Rifles became popular.


The carbine is one of the best home defense weapons. Lightweight, uncomplicated, reliable, 13 inch pull for almost any size person..  Recently formed company is manufacturing Carbines, all new components, in WWII and new configurations.