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Homer Wilson Ranch (Blue Creek Canyon Line Camp).


It was completely empty, windows open air, no glass, no doors. Park management put it presentable with a new river cane roof structure and corrugated metal. They repaired the adjacent storage building. The coral for breaking horses and burros was left as is. There were no facilities for camping.  Back then I used two egg crate foam pads 19 inches wide by 36 inches long. Slept inside on the concrete floor. Got to about freezing that night. Never saw any indication that critters were ever inside.


Totally breaking my solitude I caught a ride next morning with a Ranger in a Park pickup. Although I didn't mention in the writing, that first day, Monday, after I rested with Jack I took the one mile side trail up another 1,000 feet to Emory peak and back to Boot Spring trail.


The Ranger that picked me up reported he had taken a horse to Emory peak Tuesday, same trail, to repair / replace the vertical VHF repeater antenna damage from the storm that Sunday produced the natural ice for my Monday Noon toddy. I remember a couple of signs prohibiting horses on that steep trail. They were allowed then on the Laguna Meadow trail.


Interesting, back then the annual rainfall in the Chisos was about 50% of 1984 to 1987 rain. A similar trip in 1986 was much overgrown, rougher and difficult down the Blue Creek Canyon trail to the ranch. The South Rim picture hanging in my kitchen was shop during the 1986 Chisos backpacking trip.