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  Why Today You Can Buy & Own Firearms -

     "Firearms Owner Protection Act"  FOPA - 1986"


Prior to 1986, law abiding firearms dealers in the USA were in precarious positions with the government and had become targets of abuse from federal agents under the democratic Carter administration for harassment. Carter's ATF agents developed an agenda that appeared focused on destroying domestic firearms dealers, wholesalers and manufacturers.


The then current federal firearms laws allowed agents wide discretion to put firearms dealers out of business. Agents could, by law, show up anytime to examine the dealer's records for infractions as simple as not including the county of a purchaser. Agents could come several times a day for a re-examination of the same records until they found a half dozen or so mistakes and then confiscate the entire inventory of firearms.


Each agent was allowed to decide if a transaction defined a person as a dealer. An uncle selling a hunting rifle to a nephew could define the uncle as a dealer. Firearm dealers, retailers had no effective timely recourse to the government confiscation of their inventory and just had to quit the business


States being run by anti-gun politicians infected their liberal agenda to a street level. Citizens, firearms owners, hunters traveling in the USA were prey to be jailed, firearms, money and valuables seized, never returned.


The 1986 Firearm Owner Protection Act completely redefined law to stop the abuse and define the firearms dealer in plain terms, understandable to all, police and judges. The act pretty much curtailed the ATF from the many times a day inspections and disruptions of a dealers livelihood. The Act, by federal law, protected persons transporting firearms across and through states and state lines from local prosecutions for possession or transport of firearms.


FOPA clearly defined dealers and collectors.


Without FOPA, the 1986 Firearm Owner Protection Act, the four terms of two anti-gun leftist, socialist presidents would, by now, have eliminated our 2nd amendment rights, many of the others, and pretty much done away with the gun dealer and your right to own a firearm, forever.


Gun free zones for wack-os and terrorists would be anywhere. Its OK to thank Reagan and prior republican politicians and VOTE for more in the future.