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When Bob entered the eight grade in a little country school in Blanchard, LA, then a berg 10 miles NW of Shreveport, the school system was required to add curriculum to the 26 student eight grade class.  The principal brought boxes from home, set up a photo lab in a utility room and Blanchard school was teaching photography. 

With Mom's help, Bob scraped up a few bucks and purchased what was then a consumer product, a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera, with flash.

Bob went on through life further developing his photography education, along with aviation, marketing, manufacturing and wireless pursuits. In 1986 Bob Hutchinson founded the Wireless Industry Association trade association.   The Association's members today operate over 50,000 wireless outlets. Bob has been involved in all aspects and formats of still photography for over 50 years and is constantly involved in the art.

A recent development by Bob is the innovative Paq Pro XL medium format camera system for professional use.

Another of Bob's web is It is a Ham Radio enthusiast web like  is a free industry communication and networking tool focused on the medium and large format medium and industry.  Like the web says - "Small Prohibited" and "No Wimpy Little Cameras."

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