Back After moving to Houston in 1974 I went back to Shreveport and bought two new .45 ACP Colt Commanders, one regular weight and one lightweight, for $150.00 each. My friend L.C. Grimmett, had become a Texas private investigator and he bought the lightweight from me. See that history.

I carried this Colt in my car or briefcase until 1992. I had James E. Clark convert it into a "Clark" Pin Master. It came back from Clark with a 10 shot target proving his 1 groups at 50 yards. I used it for pin shooting and in competitive steel at Rio Solado Club in Mesa, AZ. Later I had the racker installed on the slide for friends and little old ladies to use when shooting for their Texas carry permit. This gun has fired 30,000 to 40,000 rounds. It went back to Clark a few times for tuneup. Once to weld the cracked frame and re-blue. Very fine shooter. With a snap-glass trigger, the best double tap gun I ever fired.
  - Bob Hutchinson

Colt Series 70, Commander, Clark Pin Master Comp with Giles (now Clark) slide guide, 4 , 45, Blue.

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